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Prostate Cancer Screenings, Prevention and Treatment options

Prostate Cancer

What is Prostate Cancer?

Cancer is when cells in the body change and grow out of control. To help you understand what happens when you have cancer, let’s look at how your body works normally. Your body is made up of tiny building blocks called cells. Normal cells grow when your body needs them, and die when your body does not need them any longer.

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Mother and Child at Bus Stop

Back to School, Back to Sickness?

As your kids go back to school, make sure they have what they need to stay well.

As the weather gets cooler and kids get back in the swing of a school routine, germs can take a foothold. Sick kids can spread germs into your home and among your family—so one tiny runny nose can be a big problem.

One of the best ways to make sure your children stay well this season is to ensure they practice proper hygiene. Good hand washing is the first defense against many common illnesses.

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Fruits and Vegetables

Heartburn: Causes, Effects, and Treatments

Most people have experienced occasional heartburn, especially after eating a big meal or spicy foods. The feeling of a burning sensation in the chest, discomforting indigestion, and a generally upset stomach are all symptoms of this condition. The terms “reflux” or “GERD” (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease) have been widely used to describe the most common cause of heartburn. Reflux often occurs when the lower valve of the esophagus or food tube inappropriately relaxes and allows stomach acids to ascend upwards into this elongated chamber. In some people, the acid material may project all the way up the esophagus and through the upper valve directly into the throat. Continue reading

Robotic Machinery used for Surgery

Medicine’s Robotic Revolution

The DMC Medical Group provides robotic OB/GYN surgical options to the women of Southeast Michigan.

Ethan Goldstein, MD, one of the founders of Detroit Medical Group’s robotic surgery program, is committed to delivering high quality, next-generation care to the patients he serves.

“I am very results-driven. I want my patients to feel better as soon as possible,” says Dr. Goldstein, Director of Robotic and Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery and Vice Chief of Gynecology with Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital. “Minimally invasive surgical techniques can benefit people quickly, which is one reason I went into this type of medicine to begin with.”

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DMC Sports Medicine

We Have Detroit Covered

Whether tending injuries in a professional sports team locker room, or providing leading-edge cardiac care in Novi, the DMC Medical Group is helping revitalize the people who are rejuvenating Southeastern Michigan.

The DMC Medical Group is an expansive network of physicians working across more than 30 areas of medicine, including primary care, surgery, and a variety of sub-specialties. Its team delivers compassionate and tailored care to residents of Greater Detroit through its many community-based practices, as well as through inpatient services at all eight Detroit Medical Center hospitals.

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