DMC Sports Medicine

We Have Detroit Covered

Whether tending injuries in a professional sports team locker room, or providing leading-edge cardiac care in Novi, the DMC Medical Group is helping revitalize the people who are rejuvenating Southeastern Michigan.

The DMC Medical Group is an expansive network of physicians working across more than 30 areas of medicine, including primary care, surgery, and a variety of sub-specialties. Its team delivers compassionate and tailored care to residents of Greater Detroit through its many community-based practices, as well as through inpatient services at all eight Detroit Medical Center hospitals.

The Sports Factor

As part of the DMC Medical Group, DMC Sports Medicine consists of experienced surgeons, physicians and highly-trained medical staff who serve patients at multiple locations throughout the Metro area.

“We treat everyone,” says Stephen E. Lemos, MD, PhD and orthopedic surgeon. “We work with people from every socioeconomic status and age group. We’re here to serve.”

Dr. Lemos is also President and Chair of the DMC Sports Medicine Program. Established by Dr. Lemos in 2006, the program has become the official provider of healthcare services for players of Detroit’s professional athletic teams and their families, including the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons. It also serves participants in the Detroit Grand Prix and the Detroit Free Press Marathon.

Sports Team Logos

“We’re there for every home game,” Dr. Lemos says. “The players always have a comprehensive team of experts waiting on the sidelines.”

The DMC sports medicine team provides the same level of 24/7 on-call orthopedic services for area residents. Additionally, through the DMC Sports Performance Academy, athletes have access to rehabilitation services specially designed to help them return to fighting form following an injury.

A Culture of Community

Photo of Dr. LemosAccording to Dr. Lemos, the DMC Medical Group considers itself a part of the greater community’s renaissance.

“I was recruited by the DMC hospital system’s CEO, who really had a fervent belief in what Detroit has to offer,” he says. “When I joined the team, I became a convert. I’m hoping to be a part of the city’s story.”

Fully dedicated to the Motor City, the DMC Medical Group makes giving back to the community a priority through outreach to schools and young athletes. The DMC Sports Medicine Program also partners with the Tigers’ organization to host a children’s health day each year.

“The DMC Medical Group is here to help everyone, whether you’re a professional athlete, someone experiencing an acute illness, or a grandparent who simply wants to be able to play with the kids,” Dr. Lemos says. “As Detroit makes its comeback, we will continue to grow with the city we love.”

Make the DMC Medical Group your first choice for care.